Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Honoring Our Stars

Last night there was a special awards ceremony at our county foster parent support group meeting. They went all out decorating the meeting room with stars. It was a night to honor the biological kids in foster families that do so much for foster kids. What a great idea! The kids got to sit up front and talk about ways that they help their foster siblings. Then they each were called up by name to receive a special plaque thanking them for the important job they do.

It's true that Danya, Gloria, and Kevin are expected to do a lot and share all that they have with total strangers who walk into their home needing so much. I started thinking about it and realized that it's actually more difficult for my kids than for me. I don't have to share my room with a stranger or let them play with my things.

Today Danya spent time helping Snow White work on writing her name and was very patient with her even when Snow White was being a little obstinate. Gloria shares in the loss of privileges when the room she shares with Snow White is messy even if most of it is not her fault. She's really experiencing what it's like to finally be the big sister, the good and bad parts. Kevin is dealing with frustration and jealousy issues since Brother often wants to play with the toy that Kevin wants and can't speak well enough to communicate with Kevin.

Danya, Gloria, and Kevin also received gifts and candy which made them much more excited than the certificates of appreciation. The Girl Scouts even donated boxes of cookies as gifts! Then they got pizza, a movie, and crafts in the childcare area while the adults discussed how to help the kids deal with grief when foster children leave our homes. It was a good night.

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cami said...

That is so cool! I'm terribly impressed with your girls and their maturity, how neat the foster care system recognizes it, too.