Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buses: A Love Hate Relationship

Okay, so maybe it's a like/hate relationship. There's no real love there. The other day I threw my back out somehow while running to the bus to give Snow White her permission slip to check out books from the school library. Then in the afternoon, we found out that my older girls can't walk her home from the bus stop. There must be an adult present or the bus driver can't drop off a Kindergartner. Despite the fact that it's literally just a few doors down from our house. That'll be fun this winter.

This week one of the people from the school district called to set up an appointment to evaluate Brother to see how bad his speech needs are and if he has developmental delays as well. They said there would be a spot for him at their main pre-K center where he could get the speech help he needs. Unfortunately, I'd have to drive him there and back four days a week because a bus doesn't come to our house for that school. His pre-K would only be 2 1/2 hours each day and they only have afternoons available.

So I'd be pausing Danya and Gloria's school day to feed Snow White lunch and get her on the bus by 11:00 am. Then feed the other kids and get Brother to school by 12:30. Then go home, put Kevin down for a nap, and try to get a little more homeschooling done before it's time to pick up Snow White from the bus stop at 2:40 pm. Then go pick up Brother from school by 3:00. That would mean that Brother would no longer be getting a nap time so he'd be extra fun all evening.

Finally, I've also been teaching Snow White after school since she doesn't seem to be learning much at school other than getting practice writing her name repeatedly with terrible handwriting that they don't attempt to correct. There's nothing like enforcing bad habits. This past week I've worked with her on colors, shapes, and neat handwriting. She's doing really well and actually begs to do more. She loves to learn. I'm using an old Rod & Staff curriculum with her that I purchased back in 2006 for Gloria but decided it was too simple for her. It's just the right speed for Snow White. One final note, we're also enrolling our home school under our church's umbrella school program. We got the paper work finally this week. Yea!

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