Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lapbooking at the Library

My friend Dawn invited us to join her and her three girls at the library to make lapbooks today. We haven't done this in a long time. Not since our brief foray into FIAR (Five in a Row) a couple of years ago. FIAR was a little too slow for us, but we did enjoy making lapbooks. It took me a whole day to find all the materials, templates, etc. that I wanted for the girls' books online and print them out. Then a couple of hours working with the girls to get everything prepared and cut out. We did the final assembly at the library.

Today Danya made a lapbook about the American Girl character "Kit Kittredge" who she has become very interested in lately. We researched what it was like to live in 1934 and came up with some fun elements for her book. We learned that Shirley Temple (who Danya adores) was in her first movie that year. Danya also made some comparisons between prices and technology in 1934 and today.

Gloria's lapbook is about the book we are currently reading out loud together for homeschool. The book is The Cabin Faced West and is based on the actual life story of the author's great grandmother. Since the main character is fascinated by George Washington, Gloria's lapbook has several elements about him including a mini book. Then there's some info about life as a pioneer girl and a hidden picture game where you look for tools used in that time period.

Snow White did a "letter Aa" lapbook. It's got a mini book that she made called "My A Book" and a word search in which she just circled all the letter "a's". We also included samples of her handwriting with capital "A" across the top and lowercase "a" on the bottom. She was so proud of her book. She wouldn't let me put it back in the bag to go home. It had to be with her in the car so she could rush right into the house to show it to Daniel and Brother. She did a good job and got lots of practice with writing and cutting skills.

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