Monday, September 15, 2008

Inside the Slide at Mickey D's

Here's a great photo that Shannon took of Danya from inside the tunnel slide Sunday after church at McDonald's. We found out Sunday that our pastor and a few others are boycotting McDonald's (not a church wide thing, just personal individual decisions) because of their enormous financial push for homosexual issues. I can understand their decision, but with five small kids McDonald's is a must. Cheap food and a playland on every corner can't be beat.


I have a good life said...

So glad to hear from you! :) You've been busy. I love this picture of the slide. It is so awesome. Sorry about the ear might be a long night. :(

April said...

That's so sad that chruch members would be boycotting. That energy could be better placed into prayers and into the hands of God. Boycotting feels so hateful. We were discussing a similiar matter at church Wed night and saying how churches are against so many things when really the sinners need the most guidence and prayer (not rejection) to turn that lives around. By better educating people and leading them to God he can then get his hand into there lives. But I would think Boycotting would only push these people further from turning there lives from sin.

So sorry, prayers to your church members. I would keep taking the kids there too, who knows it could make a difference also in someones life.