Sunday, September 28, 2008

25 Years Together!

My trombone buddy from church, Ron, and his wife, Sherry, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this weekend. Daniel and I went to their party along with about 35 other people. It was in their back yard, and was absolutely beautiful. Their arched patio roof had white linen drapes hanging down and tied back. There were white awning tents set up over the tables which were decorated with pale colored flowers and flickering white candles in gorgeous glass bowls. There was home made Italian food and finally a dinner show provided by Ron. He played "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole on his trombone and talked about how they met. He said that when he was in his high school marching, concert, jazz, and pep bands that there was always this pretty girl sitting in the audience which made him sit up straighter and play a little better. He took her to the prom and they've been together ever since.

Just for fun I've also included a photo of Ron with his twin brother. I finally got to meet him and must say that they don't look as much alike as I thought they would. Oh, and I told Daniel that after seeing Ron and Sherry's anniversary party, I expect on our 25th anniversary that Daniel will be prepared to sing to me. He just laughed. Oh well, a girl can hope.

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