Monday, February 20, 2006

Zoo Baby?

The fastest growing baby at the zoo may have been ours! Here's Danya measuring little Kevin. We went to Dr. Christy's office for my monthly check-up the day before we went to the zoo. She used the ultrasound machine to take his measurements...and then paused. "That can't be right." she said. (words you DON'T want your obstetrician to say) Then she said that the baby is supposed to be just over one pound right now. Our big boy is roughly one pound thirteen ounces!

Now, we have been praying for the last 5 months that our baby would grow big and strong...but SHEESH! Since Gloria was a 10 pounder, I'm willing to believe that "little Kevin" might not be so little. And, admittedly, I did feel a little better about the scale saying I had put on a couple of pounds. Of course, when I went to see my regular doctor today to find out for sure that I had strep throat, the scale said I'd lost 4 pounds in less than a week. I guess it's because I've felt so sick and my throat has been swollen and sore, so I've hardly been able to eat. I wonder if other pregnant women actually worry about gaining a tiny amount of weight during pregnancy or if I'm the only paranoid momma out there? One good thing is that no matter how I feel about turning into a beachball, Gloria always tells me, "You look bootiful, Mommy"

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