Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bike Blessing

Ben and Diana had to make a short trip to Oklahoma the first weekend of February for Ben to preach and so that they could pick up some donated items from some churches for their mission.

They visited us for a few hours on Saturday. In a stroke of good luck, or maybe God's doing, we happened to be about to donate our old bikes to charity...when Ben mentioned that he wished he had a bike to ride in Del Rio so that he wouldn't have to spend money on gas for his minivan just to grab one little thing from the grocery store.

So Daniel tweaked a few little things on our old bikes, and Ben took one for a test ride around our neighborhood with Danya and Gloria. Fortunately, Ben and Diana were driving a huge van loaned to them for this trip so that they could haul donated items, which meant that they had plenty of room to bring the bikes home with them, too!

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