Monday, February 27, 2006

Circus Birthday!

Daniel was given free tickets to the Shriner's Circus in Tulsa last weekend, and decided it would be the perfect place to take his mom for her birthday. Luckily, she and Grandpa were available on short notice to make the drive up here. We took them out for dinner at Delta Cafe first.

Unfortunately, we arrived a little late and it was a sold out show so we weren't able to get seats together. The girls hadn't been to a circus in a few years, so they were both very excited. I thought it was fun that when I was pregnant with Gloria we went to the circus, and now that I'm pregnant with little "Kevin" we went again.

This time I was determined to make sure the girls got a glow in the dark toy, since that's part of the fun. Gloria is holding hers in the picture. It flashes colored lights. The circus frequently went dark in between acts, so the whole audience was lit up with all the different glowing, flashing toys. After the intermission alot of people left, so we were able to find seats next to Daniel's parents. The girls had stayed with them, so it was nice to get to see the girls enjoying the show. The girls' favorite act was the clowns who played musical intruments.

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