Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bowling and Boxes (homeschool party)

We went to the Valentine's Day Heartland homeschool bowling party this year. The girls both broke 60 on their bowling scores, which I thought was pretty good for their second time ever bowling.

They also each made a box for the Valentine's box decorating contest. While the box judging was finishing up, the kids had cupcakes and icecream. Gloria won second prize for her box that looked like a dog house. She put her puppy, Max, in it and wrote his name along the top. Danya's box had windows in it that you could look through to see a little homeschool scene made with dollhouse furniture and a little girl doll. But since the boxes were put on the floor instead of on a table, it was hard to see into her box. They both did a great job and had alot of fun making their boxes! They also loved opening their boxes to pull out all the candy and valentine's cards from the other homeschool kids!

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