Saturday, February 25, 2006

Weather Experiment

We cracked open a weather experiment kit yesterday and created an "anemometer". It measures wind speed. The girls thought it was pretty neat. Danya timed one minute on her watch while she and Daniel counted the revolutions of the cup with the orange dot on it. We figured out that the wind was blowing at about 5 mph. Of course, our homemade version isn't all that accurate, but it was fun.

The girls are looking forward to trying some of the other experiments in the kit, but part of it requires rain and unfortunately that may mean we'll be waiting quite some time. Despite the snow last weekend we are still under a burn ban here in Oklahoma. In the meantime we'll try out some of the temperature experiments.

Daniel bought this kit back in October and I finally decided not to wait on him to try it anymore. Once I started pulling out the pieces though, he got interested and jumped in to help the girls assemble the first project. The girls and I got a kick out of trying to say "anemometer" five times fast. Danya stumbled and said something like, "I'm a mom eater" and we all broke into giggles!

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