Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Dinner

Daniel bought us tickets to our church's Valentine's dinner at the Marriott hotel in Tulsa. We were able to sit at a table with our friends, Leslie and Stan, which was a lot of fun.

The dinner was good, chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce with cheesecake for dessert, yum! But the best part of the night was the entertainment. Some of the people in our church have amazing voices and they sang classic love songs, interspersed with jokes and skits. Three older ladies had us rolling in the aisles at their costumed performance of "Baby Love"! Then the guest speaker for the night, Pastor Spoo, from Tulsa Baptist church gave us some hilarious advice on love and marriage. The funniest moment was when he told the husbands in the room to take their wives' hands, look deep into their eyes and say, "Submit!" I think the husbands knew better than to try that, lol. A wise husband realizes that a good wife will submit out of love without the need to order her to do it. I'm so glad Daniel took the initiative to get the tickets for this. I can't remember a better Valentine's day date!

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