Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy Heart Day!

Daniel and I stayed up the night before Valentine's day making giant hearts and decorating the house. When Danya and Gloria woke up they first saw red hearts dangling on strings hanging from the ceiling in doorways. Then they discovered these giant red hearts hanging on walls and doors around the house. The pink heart pockets had candy hidden inside them. Danya was laughing like a loon as she ran around looking for more hearts and Gloria was chuckling greedily as she dug out more and more little candies from the pockets. It was great!

Then they had breakfast. Their white paper plates had little red hearts drawn all around the outter edge. Their bananas had been sliced into small discs and placed in the shape of a heart and a smiley face with a chocolate chip on each slice! And Daniel's Valentine's Day gift? He got to sleep in while I made the breakfast and took pictures of the girls finding their candy.

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