Thursday, May 24, 2012

Youth Group Friend

 Danya and her good friend, Alicia, have been taking turns inviting each other to youth group.  Alicia lives just a couple blocks away from us, so she and Danya are always calling each other to do fun things together.

This night, Alicia joined Danya at youth group.  They played some crazy games, listened to a good lesson from Pastor Mark, and then shared a meal at Panda Express.

Danya had been praying and asking God for a close friend that would live near her for years before we moved to our current home.  If for no other reason, I'm really glad that we let Danya attend the local public school for a semester back in 5th grade, since she was able to meet Alicia.  She's a good kid from a Christian family who is also part of a foster/adoptive family.  They both enjoy music and reading and playing at the park.  It's like they were made to be friends.

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