Friday, May 04, 2012

TNT Girls Sleepover

 The AWANA girls in 4th through 6th grade are called the TNT Girls.  It stands for Truth n' Training.  As an end of year celebration this year they had a huge sleep over at the church.  It was mainly run by the older teen girls from the youth group.  They played freeze dance and did each others' hair and make-up.  It was a very girly evening.

I wasn't sure about letting my girls go at first when I heard that it would mainly be fun by teen girls.  But Shannon, our babysitter, was going, so I decided to let them attend.  I'm glad they did, because they had a wonderful time with their friends.  I was scared, too, that someone might do something horrible to Jordan's hair that we've worked so hard on taking care of so that it would be healthy and grow.  Thankfully, Shannon didn't let them use flat irons on her hair!

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