Monday, May 14, 2012

Watering the Neighborhood

God is good.  I know this because every time something awful happens, God provides a special person to help us fix it, usually for free.  When we had plumbing problems at our old house, God provided our friend, Jim, to help us fix it.  When our van air conditioning stopped working, God provided our friend, Chad, who volunteered to fix it and even bought us a new blower.  This time was no exception.

Not only did our sprinkler head break, but also, a man from the city showed up to tell us that we were wasting tons of water according to our meter, so we must have a leak.  Fortunately, God provided Daniel's dad.  Grandpa Wayne was visiting, so he was able to help us dig around the meter and find the leak.  He tightened something after digging through quite a bit of mud and fixed the problem for us.  I'm so glad, because we would have had NO idea how to solve it.  Daniel's dad was the head of maintenance for my school system for over a decade.  Sometimes I think there is nothing he can't fix.

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