Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunday Morning Style

My boys briefly went through a phase, that still occasionally makes a reappearance, of dressing up for church.  On a usual Sunday we have rules like, no holes in your clothes, no high waters, leggings or shorts required under dresses, no tight or overly revealing clothing, etc.  We don't, however, require them to wear dresses or slacks. (although I do encourage the dresses on nice days)  The boys have been choosing to wear button up collared shirts with vests and slacks and even, on this particular Sunday, dress shoes.  They looked so handsome that I had to take a photo.  Then the girls, who had decided to wear matching outfits, decided they needed in on the photos, too.  I definitely don't mind when my kids willingly decide to go the extra mile on their appearance!

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