Monday, May 14, 2012

Foreign Exchange Student

Her name is Seokyoung.  She's from South Korea.  She plays the flute.  Those were the first things we knew about the young lady who will be traveling around the world to come live with us for a year and go to school here.  It was exciting and a little scary to agree to host a foreign exchange student when we first considered it.  Now that we are getting to know her  and her family a little more through emails and Facebook, it's starting to feel more real.

Unfortunately, the agency we met her through, Pacific Intercultural Exchange (P.I.E.), is having trouble with the U.S. state department, so they aren't able to issue student visas right now.  We're trying to quickly switch to another agency, but it's a slow process.  We've filled out all the info twice now and are preparing for a second set of interviews and home visits.  We're praying for her as a family and with our Sunday school class.  Hopefully, God will work things out so that she can still come and be a part of our family this year.

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