Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Science Fair Success

 Gloria and Danya entered their very first science fair this year.  It was a lot more work than any of us realized it would be.  Gloria's project was called "Is Black a Color?" and involved research and testing to see what colors black ink is really made out of.  Unfortunately, she wasn't very excited about the project, so getting her to work on it was like pulling teeth.

Danya's project was titled, "I Drank What?"  She tested several different water sources from distilled water to local rivers and ponds and compared them to the tap water from our sink.  She used a pool tester kit.  We knew she'd worked hard on it and did all but a little of the typing herself.  We were already super proud of her.  Then she showed us her first prize ribbon!  We were so excited I thought I would bust.  Her hard work definitely paid off.

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