Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weird Science

Okay, I think it's neat that Danya is taking charge more and more of her education. She's learning all about chemistry in her "Properties of Matter" science book and doing the experiments mostly on her own. What I think is weird is that she needs to know the effects of certain chemicals on things that she would NEVER normally put them on. Yes, seeing a chemical reaction is good, but why give kids ideas like "putting household chemicals on your food is fun" when we spend most of their lives teaching them not to touch those things and never eat anything that might be contaminated by chemicals or cleaners?

Danya has become quite the little scientist lately. More often than not I have to read her science lesson before I can help by answering any questions she might have. Many times I have to do a little research online, too. Maybe she'll find a career in this direction. Clearly, I never will.

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