Sunday, August 14, 2011

Passing on the Legacy

I don't know if she chose trombone because she knew how happy I'd be, or because it would mean we'd spend more time together, or because she really wanted to. Either way, I'm thrilled!

After calling three different local middle schools, I finally found one that would let a homeschooler into their 6th grade band program. We drop Danya off at 11am so she can have lunch and recess with her friends and then go to band. Then we pick her up at 12:25. It started out being five days a week, but after we finally got into the Brighton Options program, she now goes there on Tuesdays, so band is only four days a week for her. She's the best trombonist out of the 10 in her class. The only one with a private music teacher at home. She even comes with me on Sunday mornings to sit next to me during church band rehearsal so she can learn to follow the music and understand all the musical terms on the page. I'm so proud of her my face literally hurts from grinning so much!

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