Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Limbo is the worst. That period when you know your foster kids, who you love dearly, will be leaving soon, but not quite yet. Wondering if there will be a last minute change in court, secretly hoping there will be. Nodding and smiling when the family member they are going to live with says they'd be happy to have you remain a part of the kids' lives, but knowing it might just be lip service.

We tried to do as many fun things with "Junie B." and "Boo" as we could before they left us to go live with their former uncle-in-law. It was heart breaking, knowing that we might never see them again after hoping so much that we would get to adopt them. They fit so beautifully into our family. One of the things we did was go to the Children's Museum again. They had some fun new exhibits and some beloved old ones. The kids especially loved the bubble room.

I felt like I needed to take tons of pictures of the girls because the phrase "this could be the last time" kept repeating in my head. But I was also trying to get their scrapbook albums caught up so they'd have a wonderful treasure to take with them. That's a little hard when you keep taking more pictures. We said goodbye to them the day after these photos were taken. Daniel left for work and the rest of our family just had a great big cry on the couch, holding each other and praying for the girls' safety. Some days, being a foster family is very very hard.

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