Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Katie at 6 to 7 months

Just a random group of photos of Katie. I'm going to be adding some almost 8 month old photos of her soon, so I thought I'd better put up some of these first so the blog photos stay chronological.

At about 7 months Katie learned to sit by herself without toppling over (unless she was reaching for a toy) and she learned to spin around about 180 degrees on her tummy. She played with her toys more, learning to shake them and also to shake her head side to side as if she was saying "no" although she just did it to mimic us, not because she knows what it means. She also loves to grab glasses off of faces and throw them on the ground. Eating baby food is no problem and she is slowly trying out new solids like cereal and bread. She's also getting more clingy and having trouble being left in the nursery or with a baby sitter. Last, but not least, we put a tiny rubber band in her hair and Katie had her first official top knot. Too cute!


Kelly said...

She is adorable!!!

April said...

Oh my, I can not believe the days are passing that fast. She's adorable!!!!