Saturday, October 31, 2009

Her Royal Carriage

On a long bike ride one beautiful day in October, her ladyship, Princess Katie, and her loyal guard were pulled along in her treasured family carriage that had conveyed her two oldest sisters many times before on similar journeys. Her Daddy, of course was the horse that pulled her carriage.

Daniel took the kids on a fun bike ride and our old trusty bike cart hung in there for one last Elliott baby. I still remember when Danya and Gloria were 3 and 2 and would yell, "Faster, Mommy, faster!" as I forced my shaky legs to get them up just one more hill. Two kids in a cart behind your bike is quite a work out. Luckily, this time Daniel got to go slow because the older girls still aren't very fast on their new bikes.

Brianna begged repeatedly to get a new bigger bike since Danya and Gloria just got bigger bikes, but we couldn't afford another $60-70 bucks at the time. That's why it was such a nice surprise this Christmas when Gloria won a bike in a raffle at Fazzoli's, the Italian fast food restaurant we eat at on Tuesday nights sometimes for their "Kids Craft Nights". Now Brianna can have the bigger bike that we just bought Gloria this past summer.

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