Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Options Track & Field Day

We bought the obligatory school t-shirts and took the kids to track and field day at a park near their Friday school. It was incredibly windy, but overall went well. I pulled Kevin and Katie around the enormous park multiple times trying to get pictures of all the kids at the different events. They switched events every time the air horn went off.

Danya won first place in the jump rope contest. She jumped 144 times in two minutes! Brianna managed to jump a rope for the first time. I worked with her for the whole two minutes and she managed to jump it twice. Not bad for a kid with low muscle tone who's in physical and occupational therapy to improve her ability to do those sorts of things.

The events included, volleyball, sack races, bean bag toss, long jump, soft ball throw, hula hoops, foot races, ladder race, penny toss, jump roping, and some silly games. They had a great time and all won ribbons.


April said...

Cute T-shirts!! Is this like a co-op group? Sounds like a fun day!!

Jess said...

No, it's not a co-op group. It's a program for homeschoolers offered in affiliation with the Arvada public school system. Just another way to make a little bit of that government money back on homeschoolers that are skipping out of the system, lol. We do have to volunteer to help out in some capacity throughout the year, but it's not a co-op. They rent a church on Mondays and Fridays for the program and it runs in conjunction with the public school calendar.

The group of friends that we happened to meet with recently on a Friday for a picnic are church friends. We met in the evening after school was out for the day. Also, not a co-op. Only two other families there were even homeschoolers.

Just for clarification.