Saturday, October 31, 2009

Three Letter Words

Kevin is picking up this whole pre-reading thing pretty fast. Daniel thinks he'll be reading before he turns four this summer. He already recognizes all the kids' names when he sees them written and has been spontaneously reading little things. For instance, Gloria wrote a sign and hung it on her door this week. Kevin walked up and pointed to the words, saying, "No Kevin. No Shane." Then he turned to Shane and said, "We can't go in." We've decided that we can't teach the boys together anymore, accept for fun crafts and physical skills like learning to cut with scissors. But even in that, Kevin is way ahead.

Shane is really struggling with every step. He can't say the letters in his name, count past five, or remember how to hold scissors. This week we've been working on teaching him his left from his right and we're considering putting dots on the outer sides of his shoes since he consistently puts them on backwards and can't tell the difference. On the plus side, he can make his bed and take out the trash. My hope is that by the time he reaches adulthood it won't matter that he took longer to learn all the basic skills that have been so easy for other kids to pick up. At least he tries hard and has a good heart. That's something that can't always be learned.

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