Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Musicians without Instruments

The former band leader and piano player for our church, Dean, came back to Colorado for a visit recently. He and his family moved way off to the West coast last Christmas and haven't been able to come back to see us much. So Ron, the other trombone player, decided to throw a party for Dean and his wife while they were here.

Shannon babysat the kids for a couple of hours while Daniel and I went to the dinner party. They had chili, yum. It was fun sitting around swapping stories and just enjoying some adult conversation. There were other kids there, but they weren't demanding my attention, so it was great. I wasn't sure I would go at first, since I'm not one of the group that's been friends for EVER, but Daniel rightly pointed out that I'd never feel like part of that group if I didn't attend these sorts of events. I love that man.

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I have a good life said...

He is so right! It takes events like these to become more united as a group. What a wise guy you married!