Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Teaching Math with Cards

Recently we taught the kids how to play Rummy and Phase 10. They're both similar games and the kids caught on quickly. Snow White still needs help, so we let her be on someone's "team". The beauty of these games is that at the end of the game you have to count up your points to figure your score. So we've got the younger kids learning to count by 5's and 10's and we've got the older ones doing double digit addition and subtraction quickly in their heads.

Daniel and I really want to focus more especially on teaching the kids to do "mental math" calculating quickly without paper. When we were kids we had Facts Master competitions where we had to fill out a math chart in less than a minute, usually doing one problem per second. Our kids need more of that. We're trying to think of what a good reward would be if they can complete the math chart for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in under five minutes. Meanwhile, we're having a lot of fun playing cards games!


Brian said...

Wow, you definitely are on the right path. Playing cards are something that stay with you into adulthood. They are not contrived, like "flash cards" and not dumbing down and trivial, like rhymes and songs, which don't actually teach about numbers.
May I invite you to visit: (using cards to add with mental math) (using cards to multiply with mental math)

You have a very nice blog. Best of luck with your homeschooling. It's a great thing to do!

Brian (a.k.a. Professor Homunculus at The Math Mojo Chronicles).

wholarmor said...

That's cool. Like I just posted on my blog, I'm working on ways for my daughter to practice her multiplication and such. She's really good at 5s and 10s, though. Monopoly is another great way to get them practicing their math- adding and subtracting,anyway.

God bless you and your kids and your homeschooling progress!