Sunday, April 05, 2009

Seven Falls

When Tanti Glenda and her family came to visit recently we joined them for a trip down to Colorado Springs to visit Seven Falls. They had an elevator inside the smaller mountain so that Glenda's father-in-law and I were able to see the view from the top. The older kids went with Glenda and her crew to the top of the larger mountain. It was a long climb up a steep stairway which meant there was no way I could go up there. We took some fun photos and the kids all had a nice time. We gave Miss Lady a camera to take photos on the way up the mountain and she did a great job.

After the kids were finished mountain climbing and sight seeing, we let them all pick out a bag full of interesting polished rocks in the gift shop at the top of the smaller mountain. Danya sorted her rocks by color and then designed and created an entire board game based on rocks. It's sort of like trivial pursuit. I thought it was a neat idea. She's been working on it during her weekly special time on Thursday nights.

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