Tuesday, April 07, 2009

About Our Economy

This is a great video that I found a link to on the Michelle Malkin website. I think, for so many of us, it's hard to express exactly how we feel about the outrageous amounts of our tax dollars (and our children's future tax dollars) our government is throwing around like it grows on trees. I wonder if Obama and his disciples have any real grasp of economics or if this is all intentional. This video does a good job of expressing the helpless fear, sadness for our country, and restrained anger that is boiling up in our country at this overthrow of the American way of life. I think the Russians were right back in the 80's when they said that they did not need to fight us...we'd destroy ourselves from within.

In spite of everything, I'm grateful for the peace that comes from knowing that this is all part of God's plan. He is in control. Having so recently experienced child birth again, I can say that all of this is like the dread of knowing that the pain is only going to increase, but once it reaches critical mass there is something wonderful on the other side. Come soon, Lord Jesus, we pray.

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