Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fine Young Cannibals

My boys looked so handsome on Easter morning. Wearing their first ties made them look so grown up. The director of the Sunday school program, Kim, told me before class that Brother has been doing so well behaving in Sunday school that she wants him to move to the four year old class when they have "move up Sunday" in the next week or so. No more two year old class for him! Then after Sunday school was over the teacher informed us that Brother had disobeyed, slapped her on the bottom, and called her stupid. I'm thinking we may end up keeping him with Kevin's age group.

We recently took Brother and Snow White in for an evaluation to see if they could benefit from weekly play therapy. The evaluator said that it seemed like Brother is delayed emotionally and behaviorally and it's good if we treat him as being at the same level as Kevin or even slightly below that. They'll be calling us soon to tell us when their visits will start and who their therapist will be.

Meanwhile, Kevin has begun biting again. He got Brother pretty good on the cheek this week which I'm sure looked very bad to Brother's pre-K teacher. What we don't understand is why Brother, who is two years older, stronger, and heavier, just stands there and lets Kevin bite him. When they wrestle, Brother can knock Daniel over. So why can't he push a two year old away? Kevin has been the most difficult child we've had so far, bar none. But he manages to pull off all his obnoxiousness with such a cuteness layered in that it's hard to be mad at him for most of it. We're still searching for a good deterrent to make Kevin quit biting. I'm also praying fervently that the terrible two's will be over soon. And while we're at it, I wouldn't mind if Kevin would finally finish potty training!

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