Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Scrapbooking and Homeschooling

This is the table that Daniel set up at the foot of my bed so that I could scrapbook while my leg is broken without having to go downstairs to my scrapbook room. I've been using it almost daily recently trying to work on Katie's baby album and also getting the albums I'm making for our foster kids caught up. Since two of them may possibly go home in the next couple of months, I want to make sure their album is up to date.

Another benefit to having this table in my room is that the girls can use it to do their homeschool work. This way I can supervise what their doing instead of sending them down to their desks to work. I've also been working with the younger kids on letters and numbers. Kevin comes in almost every day now (sometimes several times a day) asking if he can "do his letters".

Speaking of homeschooling with young kids, Daniel and I have been discussing how I'll be able to homeschool the older girls for 4th and 5th grade while also working with Snow White as a 1st grader and the boys as preK/Kindergartners. We're looking into trying Switched on Schoolhouse for Danya and Gloria this coming year. They're having a 20% off sale on their products right now. We're thinking about buying an extra laptop and having each of the girls work on a laptop while I work with the younger kids. They could take the laptops with them to whatever room I'm in or even take them in the van when we go somewhere. School wouldn't need to be interrupted if we needed to go to the doctor's office or wherever.

Danya just finished taking the required 3rd grade test to satisfy Colorado's homeschooling standards this week. She thinks she did well and she had a lot of fun getting to see her church friends at the Christian school where she was tested. Meanwhile, we had Gloria do the online placement tests for Switched on Schoolhouse to see if she was ready for their 4th grade curriculum. She did very well, scoring 90-100% on everything in math and language arts. They tested her third grade knowledge and skills. She's pretty proud since she'd only be a first grader in public school right now. I'm looking forward to seeing how Danya did on her tests.

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