Saturday, February 07, 2009


Here's the news in a nutshell. My foot is not getting better. In fact, the doctor seems to think it should be looking better by now, but isn't. He postponed having it x-rayed until after Katie comes. He sounded like he was saying I'm going to need the surgery to screw the metal plates into my leg bone to hold it in place. Needless to say, this terrifies me.

In baby news, I've been having lots of contractions, but apparently they haven't been very productive. The nurse-midwife checked me out on Thursday, but there's no sign that Katie's ready to come yet. I've got exactly one week left until my due date.

As for the foster care situation, we went to court on Tuesday and learned that Miss Lady and Thumbelina will be with us at least until May 5th, but that they will be increasing the transition process to go back home during that time, so that's good news for them. Monday is the court date for Snow White and Brother to determine if parental rights will be officially terminated, making them legally free for adoption.

Regarding general family stuff, I'm hoping to add some more blog posts with pictures tomorrow. The kids are all doing well. Daniel is working from home at night to be here to help me. We've been getting tremendous support from church friends. I'm very encouraged that we'll be able to make it through this rough patch. Thanks for all the good wishes!

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Blaynexox said...

Hi! I just finished reading your entire blog from start to finish! I love the way you write - it is so entertaining and informative :) I do not have any children, but I have been researching homeschooling lately as an option for my future children and your blog has been so helpful! Your family is very inspiring. I'm sorry that your foot isn't getting better :) - you will be in my prayers. I can't wait to see Katie - i hope you post lots of pictures! Also, goodluck with the foster care situation. :)