Sunday, February 08, 2009

Meals on Wheels

This past couple of weeks we've had several meals delivered to us from friends and ladies of the church. It's been so nice knowing that I don't have to worry about dinner on days when Daniel works. We've been receiving all kinds of wonderful things from lasagna to chicken and rice casseroles. I hope the kids don't get too used to this since all of these ladies are much better cooks than I am. Tomorrow night we're expecting a chicken lasagna made with spinach and alfredo sauce. It's also been fun that most nights they bring extras like salad, french bread, and dessert. This has been a double blessing because it's also saving us money on groceries. That's particularly helpful since we've had the added expenses of doctor co-pays and special clothing and shoes for the girls. I don't think I've mentioned yet that the four younger girls have all started new classes that require leotards, tights, and expensive shoes. More on that later.

Miss Lady has also stepped up and taken a much larger role in meal preparation. On the nights that Daniel doesn't work he's been teaching her to cook everything from spaghetti to Shake N' Bake chicken and mashed potatoes. Granted, it's not fine cuisine, but it's all easy inexpensive meals that she may find herself preparing someday as a young adult. She's been really excited about the whole process and proud to serve everyone the foods she's cooked herself. Danya and Gloria have taken a smaller task on themselves. They prepare sandwiches and small microwaveable foods on school days for the kids' lunches before Snow White and Brother have to get on the school bus. I'm really proud of the girls for stepping up and taking over so many of the little "mom jobs" that are difficult for me right now. They are all showing a lot of maturity.

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