Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Day and Adoption Plans

For our annual Valentine's Day tradition we took photos of the kids, not around our neighborhood this year, but around town. Some of the pictures were taken at Pizza Hut and some at the recreation center. I wish we could have been more adventurous, but with my broken leg I'm just grateful that we were able to take photos at all. I wish, too, that we could post pictures of all our kids.

Snow White and Brother had their court hearing this week and everything went well. Their parents voluntarily agreed to the termination of parental rights so the kids are now legally free for adoption. We still have to be patient during the 60 day wait to see if there will be any appeals or objections, but on April 8th we'll hopefully get a court date for the official adoption to take place. Meanwhile, their case is being transferred this week to the adoption unit. They'll get a new caseworker who is already wanting to know when she can come visit us all. We may meet her on the 27th when the kids have their good-bye visit with some of their family members. They also have their case review meeting on Tuesday that we're supposed to go to as their foster parents to give an update on them. On top of that I'm supposed to participate in Brianna's IEP review and parent teacher conference by phone this week. Busy days ahead.


Glenda said...

I am excited for you that the adoption is going well.

Christine said...

Glad to hear all is going well!

cami said...

Hey girly- had that baby yet? I haven't "seen" you around peas, so I was wondering!

Congrats on the adoption news! That is great!