Sunday, February 08, 2009

Four Year Old Flood

On Tuesday my friend, Deanna, came over to babysit while Daniel and I went to the court hearing for Miss Lady and Thumbelina. She watched five of our kids, plus her two boys, while making lunch and getting Snow White and Brother ready for school.

Unfortunately, she got a bit distracted and didn't hurry to check on Brother when Snow White came and told her that he was making a "big mess" in the bathroom. We arrived home just after Deanna discovered that when she had sent Brother to wash his hands before eating he decided to plug the sink and leave the water running full force.

The entire bathroom was flooded. The water also ran down into the cabinets and drawers and dripped down through the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom. Daniel says that since the downstairs ceiling only has a tiny bit of damage he's going to just leave it alone for now. We're dealing with enough already. He and Brother dried the bathroom floor and Daniel emptied out the entire bathroom vanity and dried everything inside. We told Deanna that at least this forced us to clean out the bathroom drawers we've been meaning to organize for months now. The first thought that came to mind upon seeing this newest disaster, though, was "when it rains, it pours."

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