Sunday, February 08, 2009

Purple Foot

Here's the picture you requested, Jennie, in all it's purple glory. I keep looking at my toes and wondering if someone is playing a cruel hoax on me and that's really a fake movie prop and not my real foot at all. It feels tight and swollen and painful pretty much all the time, but it only takes on the deep dark purple shade when I'm standing up. I can actually feel the blood whoosh down into my foot and it hurts like crazy when that happens.

When I'm laying down with my foot propped up (like I'm supposed to be all the time) it's mainly just my toes and heel that scream at me with an occasional twinge of pain where the break occurred. I was taking a generic pain medicine a couple of times a day when it got really bad, but after the midwife casually mentioned that my baby could come out addicted if she got used to me taking it, I decided not to take it at all anymore. Now I only take Tylenol once a day or so when it gets really bad. I wanted to shake the midwife, though, and ask her why she didn't think to tell me that when she prescribed the meds!

Currently I'm just hoping that the swelling in my foot will go away or get much better after Katie is born. I've also asked the podiatrist twice now if I can wash my foot and he says no. I didn't hear a good reason why not except that I might bump it. Oh, the little things you miss.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that's pretty bad. Grant it most broken feet are covered except the tip of the toes so maybe that look is normal but it doesn't seem normal. I would go back to the podiatrist (why not orthopedist?)and request an ultra sound to evaluate the circulation. But then again. I'm not ortho. Most my patient's don't complain about pain this long after a break also. You have my sympathy. Jen

Ken said...

Ouch Jess, hate to see a break not heal properly. We'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Jess, an MRI is safe after the first trimester of pregnancy there's no radiation just magnents.


Kelly said...


Man that looks painful! So sorry to hear it's not healing properly. Take care the best you can. You really have your plate full right now. Glad to hear that hubby can work from home to help you. It is wonderful to have a supportive church family, glad you have that encouragement and of course the meals!