Monday, December 25, 2006

That Thing You Do

My mom has a way with kids. When Danya was a baby, Mom made her laugh, a real true belly laugh, for the first time by saying silly nothings like "bubba-lubbers" and "Wookie" in a surprising way. When we were at her house last week, she had an instant raport with Kevin. She had him smiling and laughing in no time.

Whenever I'm playing with my kids, being silly, singing goofy songs, dancing around the living room with them, and generally being a fun mom, I give a silent little thanks to my mom, who did all those same things with me when I was a kid. So often, I hear my mom's words, my mom's voice, coming out of my mouth. Some of the often heard "mom-isms":

1. Is that money burning a hole in your pocket?
2. I'm not Mom anymore, I'm changing my name.
3. You'll get glad in the same boots you got mad in.
4. "But, but" is what you sit on.
5. Yeah, I'll just use my third arm to get that for you.
6. So is Christmas. (after the kids say, "I'm coming!")
7. Nice to meet you, Hungry. (after the kids say, "I'm hungry.")
8. Don't make me come over there!
9. Do you think money grows on trees?
10. I'll just take that out of petty cash.

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