Monday, December 25, 2006

Dang, Sis!

We took some photos at my Mom's house with her and my sister, Toni. All I can say is, "Dang, Toni!" How did you manage to look so good in all those photos? I take 20 pictures with me in them and am praying that one or two are just "okay".

You know, you could do one of those talk shows where you show pictures of you as a cute, but geeky little kid with glasses and freckles, then burst through the giant photo as this amazingly beautiful adult.

Have I mentioned that you, my baby sister, are my current inspiration? I'm talking about the way that you managed to lose weight, get fit, and turn into a bombshell all by yourself. You gave me hope, originally, that I could do the same thing. It was such an encouragement to see that someone I know really can do all that without surgery or some crazy diet plan. You just worked hard and ate less. Hopefully, our family photos next year will be more balanced and both of us will look as good as you do now. Love ya, Sis!

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