Sunday, December 24, 2006

It never ends

I like the fact that our van is completely paid for and that it only cost about $5,000. What I like less is the endless stream of repairs and general maintenance it requires.

We took the van to Grease Monkey for the supposed 10 minute oil change. The girls and I took a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood while we waited. I'm glad the van was ready for our trip to Oklahoma for an early family Christmas. I wish, though, that we could get the electrical system checked so that we could plug in the girls DVD player.

Daniel thinks that maybe we blew a fuse when we tried to use the DVD player and the laptop at the same time back in September. It sure would make the drive to Oklahoma easier if we could get that thing fixed. It costs almost $100 just to get a diagnostic done on the van, so we haven't had it looked at yet. Oh well. The joys of automobile ownership, right?

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