Monday, December 25, 2006

Our Father's House

Sunday was quite an experience. We all went to Daniel parents' church, New Covenant Fellowship, in Stillwater. Grandma Nancy was so proud to have all of her children and grandchildren to show off!

We also got to see our friends, Glenda's family and the Haley's there. This picture is of Glenda & Eric's crew and their two nieces.

Kevin was so funny at church. He kept babbling through the service until he had to be taken out. At one point he seemed to be having a conversation in baby talk with the baby girl of our friend, C. J. New Covenant is the church that Daniel and I went to as teenagers, so we got to show our pride and joys off to alot of people who knew us when we were younger. After church we went out to eat with friends and family. At the restaurant we had to ask for a "table for 27"!

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