Sunday, December 24, 2006

Away in a Homemade Manger

The Maxwell kids perform the Christmas story every year for the family. This year was no exception. They called and informed us that our girls would get to be angels and asked if we could please learn "The First Noel" and "Silent Night" in sign language.

Well, I looked up the signs in my old book from the class I took years ago at Rogers State College. We learned the signs and the words on the drive from Colorado to Oklahoma. Then Danya taught her cousins the signs when we got there. They all did a great job with the play and the songs. The Maxwell kids sang "Silent Night" in the Spanish version for Aunt Diana's benefit, since she doesn't speak very much English.

Grandpa Wayne even built a wooden manger for the play. Kevin was supposed to be baby Jesus. He even tried out the manger, which was a little small for him. Unfortunately he fell asleep just before the play started. So his under study, the plastic baby doll in the above group picture, filled the role for him.

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