Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Vacuuming the Van

While I was preparing some papers and activities for a Five In A Row lesson plan about the book we are "rowing" this week, "Madeline", Daniel and the girls prepared a little surprise for me.

I knew they were outside, but when Danya came back in she excitedly announced that they were cleaning out the van. I thought they might be cleaning up the trash and bringing in a few things. What they actually did was an entire detail job. They pulled out all the back seats, wiped out all the cup holders and dash board, and vacuumed the entire interior. You can see Gloria using the vacuum extension in this photo.

We'll definitely have a nice clean van for our big trip this weekend. Thursday we are driving down to Daniel's parents' house to spend time with the girls' godparents, the Haleys. Friday we are going to visit my sister, Toni, in OKC. She will take care of them while Daniel and I go to the OCHEC homeschooling convention. Then Saturday Daniel's parents will watch the girls while we spend another day at the convention. On Sunday we will take the girls and Daniel's parents to the Castle in Muskogee for the Renaissance Fair. Monday, I'm sure I will collapse and refuse to move another step.

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