Monday, May 08, 2006

8 Months Pregnant

Here is my eight months picture. Kevin is getting so big! I go in for my next checkup tomorrow afternoon. He has been kicking me so hard it hurts. Daniel has been keeping his hand on my belly at night, and he says that he really understands now why it's so hard for me to sleep.

This weekend I had been walking around the convention for about two and a half hours when suddenly I felt a horrible painful feeling in my belly. I hurried to the bathroom with so much pain and pressure in my lower belly that I seriously thought I might be about to have a premature delivery! I was scared and told Daniel we might need to call my doctor. But instead I just sat down for about 45 minutes while Daniel got me something to eat, and soon I was feeling better. The pain was less intense. Later I realized that my belly seemed lower down. I think maybe the baby might have "dropped" into position. I'm going to ask my doctor tomorrow and see what she says. I have about 7 more weeks until Kevin is due.

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Chelsea said...

I have been checking out your blog for the past few months. I really like it. Your blog actually convinced me to start me own.