Monday, May 08, 2006


Danya lost her first tooth today! It's been loose for about a week, and she has patiently been waiting for it to fall out. This morning she woke up and felt it sitting on her tongue! She was so excited and ran right in to show us.

We had a talk about the tooth fairy the other day. Grandma had told her the other day about sneaking into Judah's room to exchange his tooth for money, and getting caught. So we explained to her that it was a just for fun thing to pretend that there is a tooth fairy. We promised to give her a dollar for her tooth when it fell out and keep the tooth in my jewery box in a little plastic baggy, where I keep some of my own baby teeth. She's been walking around sticking her tongue out of the hole and practicing spitting through it. She is so proud to finally be a big kid like her cousins. She called her cousin Rhema and they discussed their missing teeth. Rhema said she had to try not to let her most recent loose tooth fall out before the beauty pageant this weekend. I guess it worked, since she won!

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