Monday, May 08, 2006

Renaissance Fair

Wow! That sums up the renaissance fair at the castle in Muskogee this year. We went on Sunday for the first time in 6 years and they have improved it sooo much. We took Daniel's parents with us as a birthday gift for his dad and a mother's day gift for his mom. His dad was fascinated by the blacksmith shop, the real catapult, and all the other craftsmen scattered around the fair.

The girls enjoyed learning to dance like gypsies, watching the acrobats, seeing a real joust, and solving clues to find the Queen's lost ribbons throughout the fair. After the joust had been won by good Sir Henry (who we cheered loudly for), he won a garland of flowers from the queen. She put it on the end of his lance, and he bestowed it upon the most beautiful girl in the land...GLORIA! She wore it all day and people kept recognizing her and saying how pretty she looked. Danya and Gloria wore their purple renaissance dress up outfits to the fair. You can see them in the photo waiting to meet Queen Margaret. They gave her the ribbons they found and she made them true ladies in the name of love, beauty, and joy. Then she put a ring on their finger and they got a certificate saying they were now Lady Danya and Lady Gloria.

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