Sunday, May 14, 2006

Drew's Dedication!

My friend Claire sent me this great picture of her and her sweeties today. Drew was dedicated to the Lord the same day this picture was taken.

Little Drew is the cutest thing ever and is making me desperately wish that Kevin were already here. I wish Claire lived closer to us so that we could raise our little boys together. Drew looks like such a little man in that outfit! I've been collecting a few baby boy outfits here and there over the past few months. It hit me just the other day that I haven't bought any onesies, or for that matter any other baby essentials like pacifiers or bottles.

Daniel and I went out and got a box of wipes, because we figured it'd be best to have a few just in case. I feel so clueless. Like we've forgotten exactly what babies require. It's been about 4 years, so I guess we're out of practice. They should offer 'refresher' courses for parents who haven't had new babies recently. I wonder if it's strange for Claire, who never had a brother, to be raising a son? Well, anyway, I hope she passes on his adorable clothes to us when he outgrows them. That boy certainly is well dressed!

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