Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Baasler Boys and Babies

While illegal immigrants across our country were out demanding special priviledges, rights, and status in spite of breaking our laws, we chose to spend the day at the park and visiting friends.

We took lunch to the YMCA park and played on the playground after completing our homeschool work for the day and briefly visiting the library on Monday, May 1st.

Then we went over to the Baasler's house and played with their kids. Their oldest boy, Jarod (2nd from the left) is Danya's age. Their next oldest, Alex (far right) is Gloria's age. They are in the same classes at church. They have another boy, Logan, who is 2 or 3, I'm not sure. They also have a new baby girl, Katie, who is 6 months. I absolutely love to watch Katie crawl around on the floor and play with anything she can get her hands on! She is so cute and just babbles away. I actually heard her say "Ga-Ga", which I thought was a baby cliche, but apparently not!

Their mom is in my and Daniel's Sunday school class at church. She invited us over to give us some baby things like a changing pad, a bouncy seat, and some other little things. The changing pad has two washable red covers that make the pad soft and look really cute in our Dr. Seuss themed room. It's starting to actually look like we will have a baby in the house in about 8 more weeks!

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