Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pretty Hair

I got my hair permed (which is a long painful story I don't think I'll share) at a friend's house on Saturday. The girls like it, although Gloria says I look like a stranger, lol. Since my hair looked pretty and new, I thought I'd dress up and wear a skirt to church on Sunday.

Danya and Gloria LOVE it when I dress up. That is their cue to rush to their rooms to find their prettiest dresses. Then they beg me to make their hair beautiful, too. So they got piggy tails with a twist. They said they felt like the little China girl pictured in a book we read recently who had tiny little pig tails. (I didn't mention to them that it was the boy who had pig tails, not the girl)

This picture is so cute. We took it right before heading off to church. The girls have developed a habit of always posing hugging my belly lately. It's their way of including Kevin in the photo, I guess.

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