Saturday, March 25, 2006

Green Pudding?

Since we had to cancel our weekly homeschooling get together with the Millers last week, we did all our St. Patrick's Day activities and crafts this Thursday instead. We watched a Veggie Tales video about St. Patrick and found Ireland on the globe. Then the girls made Shamrock people. They accordian folded the arms, used a paper crimper on the legs, and attached little Sizzix die cut hands and some black boots that I freehand cut. Then they drew faces and clothes on them.

Next they went on a hunt for a pot of gold (chocolate coins), while Betsy and I gave them directions playing "hot and cold". Finally they got to shake up jars full of powdered vanilla pudding, milk, and green food coloring. They had that for a snack. The girls also played "Parcheesy" a new board game that Courtney got for her birthday.

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pressingon said...

I wish I had done that for st patty kids would have loved green pudding! saw you on a homeschooling scrapping mom in tulsa
have a great day