Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Activity for Couch Potatos

What a day! This morning Daniel dropped off the van to get the brakes fixed. We were getting tired of listening to the annoying squealing sound it was making. They had to replace the front and back brakes, the driver side rotor, and the rear wheel cylinder. And now, happily, no more squealing!

The owner of the auto mechanic place gave Daniel a ride home. When it was time to pick up the van at about noon, we decided to walk. We walked the girls over to the local drop-in childcare center. On the way a giant dog without a collar followed us and scared the girls. Then Daniel and I continued walking, just over a mile, to pick up the van.

Next door to the mechanic shop was a pool supply store that had a little sign in the window that said, "Bookstore Upstairs". I, being the book junkie that I am, had to investigate. They sell used books and take trade-ins. We just happened to have a trunk FULL of books that we were planning to donate to the library. So we traded some of them in and got a little stack of different books basically free. Don't you love the barter system?

Next we had lunch and then went to Wal-mart to look for a new DVD player. Our old one was a birthday present for Daniel about 6 years ago and it keeps freezing up and the remote no longer works. Above is a picture of the new one we bought. It actually records DVDs, so we've hooked it up to our TV/VCR so that we can try to transfer some of our older VHS tapes onto DVD. The girls have some old "Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen" videos that are starting to wear out. I'm also thinking about recording "Grey's Anatomy", my new favorite TV show. I'm exhausted from all the walking today, so tonight sounds like an excellent time to try out the DVD player.

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